Parent Services Testimonials






“We consulted Wholeplay when our baby was 7 months old and having trouble falling asleep on her own.  M.E. helped us navigate the confusing and conflicting “expert” advice on how to best parent a baby to sleep, by creating a sleep plan that was tailored to our child’s unique needs.  She took the time to get to know our baby, our parenting style, and our values.  In doing so she created a plan that reflected who we are as a family which made it easier to stick to.  Our baby sleeps much better now which makes us all very happy!”

– Kaitlyn


“Happy to report our baby girl is now sleeping through the night! Things are going very well. She is also adjusted so well to day care and is napping there with no issues. Woohoo! Thanks Wholeplay!”

– Kim


“I wanted to let you know that our daughter is doing really well. She really improved on her report card from the first term. She went from mostly Cs to mainly Bs with a few As (including an A- or oral communication!) Her learning skills (responsibility, collaboration, independent work etc.) went from all ‘satisfactory’ to three ‘good’ and three ‘excellent’. I think that a large part of this change is due to her confidence level in the class. We wanted to thank you for the work that you did with her as we feel this contributed to her success. We still talk about the strategies that you taught us when the need arises. (She talked about how she was being a ‘proud pony’ yesterday at her summer camp!) Its nice that she is able to use these strategies independently as well. Thank you!”

– Joel


“Our son continues to progress.  He is still up at night every 3 hours (the average) but now some nights he will give me a four hour stretch which is awesome….and instead of staying awake at 5am, he very calmly puts himself back to sleep for another 2-3 hours which is just amazing.  He also now puts himself to sleep in the car and in his stroller – I know this sounds kinda corny but seriously, our lives have been transformed now that you’ve helped us teach him to sleep.  It’s so great!”

– Miranda