Parent Support Solutions

PARENT SUPPORT SOLUTIONS: (suggested ages: 0 – 6 years)

Be your own “Baby Whisperer”…

At Wholeplay we believe in guiding and supporting parents to be their own best experts.  For this reason, our Parent Consultants do not try to “fix” young children, but rather support parents to develop the knowledge and skills they need to tackle everything from getting their baby to sleep through the night, to taming their toddler’s temper tantrums, to helping their preschooler make a smooth transition to kindergarten, to supporting their gifted child’s unique style of learning.  All Parent Consultants have at least a Master’s degree in psychology, early childhood development or a related field, as well as a wealth of experience working with parents to support the healthy development of their young children.

“I know this sounds kinda corny but seriously, our lives have been transformed now that you’ve helped us teach him to sleep.  It’s so great!” – Miranda


Parents can choose from the 6 Parent-Solution Packages listed below or hire a Parent Consultant for a customized assessment.  All parent solutions are tailored to fit with each individual family’s life-style, needs, values and goals.  After all, there is no one right way to be an excellent parent!

Parent-Solution Packages:

Sleep-Trainer’s Package
Whether you have a baby you’re trying to get to sleep through the night, a toddler you’re trying to transition out of his crib or a preschooler you’re trying to get out of your bed, we work with you and your child to come up with a sensitive plan that balances your child’s developmental needs with your own need for some well-deserved sleep! (Fee: $225 + HST online or $325 + Hst in-home)

Sleep Trainers – In Home

Sleep Trainer’s Package – Online
Gifted Learner’s Package
When your child is showing exceptional development it can be challenging to know how to help foster those strengths and skills into their full potential.  We work with you and your child to develop a customized plan that meets your child’s developmental needs and talents! (Fee: $225 + HST online or $325 + Hst in-home)

Gifted Learner’s Package – In Home

Gifted Learner’s Package – Online
Difficult Eater’s Package
Do you have a toddler that refuses to eat anything green?  What about a baby you’re trying to transition to solids?  We offer creative and effective solutions to get young children to eat the healthy foods they need without the power struggle! A Lactation Consultant assists in all issues relating to breast-feeding.  (Fee: $225 + HST online or $325 + Hst in-home)

Difficult Eater’s Package – In Home

Difficult Eater’s Package – Online
Challenging Behaviours Package
This package is ideal for parents struggling with how to handle challenging behaviours, such as fussiness, hitting, biting, refusing to share, refusing to listen, sibling rivalry and more.  We help you to develop positive discipline strategies that enable you to stop problem behaviours without compromising your relationship to your child or his self-esteem.  (Fee: $225 + HST online or $325 + Hst in-home)

Challenging Behaviours Package – In Home

Challenging Behaviours Package – Online
Clinger’s Package
Clinginess is something that most young children go through at some point, so how do you know when your child ‘s clinging is “normal” and when she needs help letting go?  We assist you in determining whether or not your child needs support in curbing her separation wariness and then implement a gentle plan that encourages independence and self-confidence.  (Fee: $225 + HST online or $325 + Hst in-home)

Clinger’s Package – In Home

Clinger’s Package – Online
 Potty-Trainer’s Package
There is a lot of pressure on parents (and kids, for that matter) to be potty-trained by daycares and other structured settings, but what if your child just isn’t ready?  We help you to develop a stress-free plan that both you and your child will feel good about.  (Fee: $225 + HST online or $325 + Hst in-home)

Potty-Trainer’s Package – In Home

Potty-Trainer’s Package – Online

All Parent-Solution Packages are conducted by Parent Consultants and involve an initial assessment, written recommendations and a follow-up session  to ensure optimal results. They can be done, as desired, in-home, over the phone, or via online video conference. In the event that Wholeplay feels that it is not suited to your individual family’s needs, we will make an appropriate referral, free of charge.

Customized Assessments

Are you struggling with a baby, toddler and/or preschooler, but aren’t sure what is going on?  We help you determine what is at the root of your family’s struggles and then assist you in implementing a comprehensive list of recommendations and solutions. Common issues include, but are not limited to: establishing routines, postpartum issues, temperamental issues, positive discipline strategies, tantrums, aggression, school preparation, socialization, childhood fears and phobias, developmental delays, the effects of trauma, divorce and loss on young children, etc.