Wee Hoots Testimonials



Wee Hoots Client Testimonials:


“Hi M.E. Just wanted to send a quick note to tell you how much my boys and I love Wholeplay! We’re always singing your praises to other people, and thought I should tell you too! We look so forward to our Friday morning classes – seeing you and Beau and all the other Mom’s and babies that we get to know, singing the very fun and catchy songs, and of course I love the adult discussion time.  It’s so wonderful to have something that kids love (the music and the playtime with kids their age), and something for me too.  The casual, friendly atmosphere is so welcoming and comfortable!”

-Jenny, mom of twins, Emmitt & Gil (14 months)


“I can’t believe how much Sloane enjoyed class last week! She has never been so interested and independent, walking around exploring, meeting new moms and kids and listening to the music. The most surprising thing was that when we got home she started doing Sleeping Bunny on her own – she had heard it over a month ago, then heard it at Wholeplay and internalized and processed it that day! My husband couldn’t believe it! You just pointed to the ground and said “Sleeping Bunny” and she dropped and did the actions. So awesome!  I have also hummed, definitely off key, the Hoots song, and when i do she nods her head and grins!!”

-Krista, mom of Sloane (15 months)



“Wholeplay has a gentle, relaxed and holistic vibe that is much more appealing to me than other mommy classes I’ve tried.  And most importantly, my son loves it!”

-Jenny, mom of Nicholas (14 months)


 “So happy to have found Wholeplay!! My son Harrison and I were looking for a place where he could socialize and interact with children his own age. We had looked into other programs, however I felt they were too formal and somewhat intimidating. From the first moment we entered Wholeplay we felt right at home. We were welcomed with a warm and relaxed environment, one with homemade huge comfy pillows, colorful and imaginative games and a catchy “Hoot! Hoot!” welcome song played on the guitar! All of the children grab an instrument of their choice and play along. It was so nice to know that if Harrison decided he didn’t want to sit in the circle, no big deal. He can come and go as he pleases and not an eyebrow raised. After a few songs and games the children have free play while the parents chat and listen as M.E. gives informative talks on the things that parents are needing help with.  I am so happy to have a place to vent my frustrations and learn new and helpful skills to raise my child the way I always wanted to!!!!  Harrison looks forward every week to see his Wholeplay friends and so do I. Thanks so much Wholeplay!!!!”

-Jessica, mom of Harrison (2 years)


“I was looking for a group in my neighborhood that my daughter Sydney and myself could attend.  I came across some information about Wholeplay, and immediately my interest peaked. As I researched the program further on their website, I quickly connected to their philosophy and found their approach very appealing.  I made a phone call that evening and had a wonderful and warm reception.   We did a trial class, signed up and never looked back!  Now Sydney absolutely adores her “Wee-Hoots” class.  She loves the Hootie-Hoot puppets, the singing and all the beautiful toys.  At home, we just have to start singing or humming the “Hoot-Hoot” song and she instantly lights up and breaks into a little dance of her own! M.E. and Rebecca are wonderful facilitators and provide such a wonderful experience for us each week. With their expertise, guidance and relaxing style, I’ve learned about the many dimensions of “play” and how pivotal this is for a child’s development.  The classes are inviting, informative and fun!  The caregiver discussions are easy going, and offer great support and resources.We look forward to seeing our Wholeplay friends every week and we love our experience each and every time!  We are so delighted to be part of the Wholeplay family and we look forward to growing together with you in the years to come!Congratulations and Thank You!! P.S. Your ‘Hootmail’ newsletters are awesome!”

-Jennifer, mom of Sydney (2.5 years)

  “Wholeplay is an excellent way to introduce your child to a variety of supervised social activities. Every topic of childrearing is open to discuss, anytime. Both ME and Rebecca will welcome you and your little one as though you are part of the family. As well, the organiser brings in specialists from an array of disciplines to further help explain the mysteries of new parenthood.This group is as important for your child as it is for the parent! The wonderful toys (huge array of new wooden toys and lots more!) and facility offers more physical stimulation than any I have ever seen, with constant conscience care and attention for every person that is lucky enough to find Wholeplay. There is no other group like it in Toronto. Period.”

– Suzanne, mom of Maddy (2.5 years)