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Our experts in child development offer premium parent support solutions and classes to organizations and individuals that focus on supporting a strong parent-child relationship and healthy development in the early years and beyond.

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Parent Testimonials:

“Wholeplay, hands-down, has the best mom and baby classes in Toronto!  They’re not only fun, but you also learn a lot and meet tons of great people.”

                                                                                                            -Susan, mom of Ruby (7 mo)

“I haven’t lived in Toronto for very long and being a new mom I found it very isolating. Baby Hoots was a perfect mix of play for my son and informative sessions for me. I got to ask questions and meet new parents sharing the same experiences. I sing the songs I learned with my baby all the time and maintained friendships from our class. I am so grateful to Wholeplay for getting me out and meeting people. It really helped my enjoy the first months with my baby.”

-Lyndsay, mom of Sage (4 mo)

“Being a new mom is charterless, and when one turns to books, it can be very overwhelming, as many of them contradict each other. Working with M.E. helped me to contextualize advice in sleep-directed books to my daughter’s specific age, make some important transitions in terms of her routines, and, most importantly, trust my own instincts.”

-Rachel, mom of Adelaide (7 weeks)

“I really want to write something smart to convince every single parent that Wholeplay is the most amazing organization that my family has ever participated in!  I might not have figured out the smart words to use, but I will write a testimonial from the heart: Baby Hoots has taught me to be a better parent, how to sing with my daughter, and dance with her around a room. That is priceless! Baby Hoots is run by warm, wonderful people that utilize creativity, music, and the very best of current child development research. What else can I say? My daughter and I are groupies-addicted to all the fun!”

-Kamela, mom of Makena (6 months)

“Being a new parent is overwhelming. Amidst the fog and chaos of staying at home with my 4-month-old twins, I would always make a point of getting myself and the babies to M.E.’s class. It was truly the highlight of our week. It is so refreshing to be surrounded by a group of friendly and savvy parents who are working through similar challenges. M.E. skillfully and compassionately guided us through discussions about baby and parent bonding, sleep strategies, understanding temperment etc. And she brought in fantastic guest speakers too. Miro and Petra loved meeting new babies. Every day when I’m at home or in the park, I draw on the songs and games we learned. Parents who see me singing to my babies ask me to teach them the songs too. Everything I learned in her class has a fantastic ripple effect.”

-Nicola, mom of twins Miro and Petra (4 months)

“Wholeplay is so much more than your average mom and baby group and it goes beyond baby music classes. Each session provides an opportunity for me to connect with my son while singing and dancing with him, and also allows me to ask questions about his development in a knowledgeable environment.   In a time when there is so much information to sort through, it is great piece of mind being able to hear from an expert first hand, while also being able to connect with a great group of moms!”

-Julie, mom of Ramsay (6 months)